The largest event on the ServiceNow calendar, Knowledge 2021, is set to begin on 11 May with a wide variety of keynotes and hundreds of breakout sessions, and expert advice sessions. The annual event brings the ServiceNow community together to experience the power of the workflow.

For us at GuideVision, Knowledge is always one of the highlights of the year, and we’re very happy to be participating alongside our parent company, Infosys. Infosys is a proud Select Sponsor of Knowledge 2021, and on 13 May GuideVision will present a hybrid live chat and on-demand webinar on the topic of ‘Creating Platform Engagement’ (see below for details). 

Sessions at Knowledge 2021 will present inspiring examples from the ServiceNow community such as how Microsoft uses the Customer Success to deliver value and help solve business issues, how the Now Platform is being used by Global retailer CircleK to streamline processes and systems and ensure smooth interactions between convenience stores, employees and maintenance partners for its network of more than 16 thousand stores worldwide and how Knowledge Management can turn problems into solutions.

There are three Knowledge 2021 experience levels, including a free level that provides access to all on-demand sessions and keynotes. While Knowledge 2021 is a virtual event, it does include various ways to connect with the Knowledge community, including meetup sessions and the new Knowledge Connect Pass, which allows you access to interactive sessions, including Meet the Speaker, Genius Lounges, Meet-ups and Live Demos. The Knowledge Connect pass costs USD $299.

This year’s Knowledge 2021 keynote speakers include ServiceNow President and CEO Bill McDermott, Chief Product Officer Chirantan “CJ” Desai, Chief Customer and Partner Officer Lara Caimi, and Chief Innovation Officer Dave Wright. Other keynote speakers include Kimberly Quan, the global head of eDiscovery and digital forensics for Juniper Networks, Dave Hellman, the director of ITSM for Levi Strauss & Co, Carolyn Bogan, the COO of the Office of Information Technology Services for the US state of Kansas, and Amedeo Guarraci, the vice president of PepsiCo.

Once registered, users are able to assemble their own Knowledge 2021 experience schedule, which is useful because the event will have 12 parallel tracks. Those tracks include IT Workflows, Employee Workflows, Customer Workflows, Creator Workflows, the Now Platform, Financial Services, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Telecom, Media and Tech, and Industry Solutions.

Knowledge 2021 also includes a track called ‘CreatorCon’, which is a focused event-within-an-event that includes a hackathon and other knowledge shares.

You can find GuideVision in the Infosys sponsor area, and that’s where Sales Manager Jan Otýpka and Head of Pre-Sales Lukáš Varaja will field questions in a live chat on the topic of ‘Creating Platform Engagement’ and keeping the momentum going with Now Platform projects. The live chat will be held on Thursday 13 May at 10 am CET. The chat is intended as a companion to their webinar titled “ServiceNow Platform Restart: How to improve end user perceptions”, which you can view on-demand in the runup to Knowledge 2021.

In addition, Infosys will hold sessions highlighting success stories such as that of Proximus, which is using ServiceNow to transform into a customer-centric digital company leveraging CSM and achieve a 40% TCO reduction by 2025. Infosys will also highlight the success story of a large multinational food packing company that successfully transitioned their ITSM landscape to a cloud platform to improve their IT operations supporting business.

GuideVision will also use its social channels to highlight interesting Knowledge 2021 events.

To sign up for Knowledge 2021, visit the event’s website at

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