GuideVision’s RADAR is an internal knowledge-sharing platform whose overall goal is to boost and enhance knowledge sharing inside the company. It primarily enables GuideVision consultants to share professional knowledge and experience, especially about ServiceNow. 

Although RADAR is an internal event, we are publishing summaries of selected presentations from RADAR both as a way to inform the overall ServiceNow community and as an insight into the way we work. GuideVision is always on the lookout for new talents to join our ever-expanding team. If you’d like to learn more, visit our Careers page here

Jan Rozsíval’s RADAR 39 presentation wasn’t billed as one from an experienced expert. Instead, his talk was directed at the newbies at the company - the people who have just joined. 

He presented the reasons why he joined GuideVision as a junior ServiceNow consultant after working as a software developer elsewhere. “I felt more like a code monkey. I didn’t feel like there was any work I could share with anyone". Joining GuideVision felt like something that really made sense. It’s not just about being a code monkey - I got to talk to customers and relate to them and suggest how to do things.”

Rozsíval talked about what he knew about ServiceNow and what he didn’t know. For example, he didn’t know that ServiceNow’s market position was justified. “It’s not a lie - It really is the leading service management platform that the majority of people do not know.” 

He also didn’t know the power of the Now Platform. “Newbies don’t know that companies use it to get what they pay for. ServiceNow is their go-to and it should be. When I joined, I didn’t know that.”

Rozsíval mentioned GuideVision’s internal adaptation plan for new employees. “The adaptation plan - is helpful. It helps you find your way, and it’s something I could build my base on - to look back to how I did this, how I did that.”

GuideVision’s internal resources for new employees proved to be a great help in getting oriented and getting to speed, he said, pointing out the knowledge base and other resources. But he said that asking questions - a lot of questions - was the most helpful. “The buddy program is amazing - as is your buddy. … Even juniors can and should communicate. Every single click that a more experienced person does can be helpful.”

Rozsíval’s first projects were difficult, but he was more prepared than he thought. “Communication is key, and in correlation, ‘quality is king.’ And the customer (mostly) does not bite either :)” 

The distributed nature of his work arrangements is acceptable. “I mostly haven’t seen the people I worked with. This wasn’t just due to covid - it’s just the way things work. Having a coffee with a colleague and talking about things is nice, but working online with the customer and your team has not hurt me,” Rozsíval said.

Today, Rozsíval is a full-fledged member of the team. “The beginnings were overwhelming, and there’s always a balance between being overwhelmed and having just enough time. You always have to stay in touch with what’s new.”

“I learn the most from making mistakes and trying new things. And it is worthwhile,” Rozsíval said.

There were many more presentations from top GuideVision experts on ServiceNow during RADAR 39. Over the next few days we will publish summary articles from selected RADAR 39 presentations, but in the meantime, if you’d like to learn more about joining the GuideVision team, please visit our Careers page.

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